An elegant colonial decorating idea




Use decorative lettering transfers to decorate your colonial themed interior

Looking for decorating ideas that will change your home into a Colonial New England showcase? You’re not alone. The Colonial New England style is popular in many parts of the world, not just New England. New England is the place where the Colonial decorating style originated, and you certainly can get decorating ideas by visiting this historical area. But you can also get plenty of Colonial/New England decorating ideas from books, magazines, and the Internet, too.

Colonial/New England decorating ideas center around one basic theme – simplicity. The Colonial era began in the early 1700’s as those who were brave enough to cross the ocean began settling in the thirteen original colonies. What these people had, they primarily got from their land: their food, their furnishings, and their tools. Just about everything they had, they or others who specialized in a trade made by hand. They raised animals for food, milk and eggs and tended to their gardens for vegetables and other items they cleverly used as decorations.

Today, decorating ideas for the Colonial New England look are found primarily with mass-produced reproductions. Antiques are popular, but they are expensive. If you can get your hands on a few antique pieces, use as centerpieces and build the rest of your home décor ideas around them.

Want to give your walls a hand painted look instantly without going to the paint store? It’s easy when you use personalized lettering transfers. These amazing sheets of rub-on lettering are pre-measured and pre-spaced at the factory. All you do when you get it home is decide where you want your word or phrase to go and then rub out the letters. It really is that easy.

Once on the wall, these decorative letter transfers are crisp and look as if a couple of coats of paint were used to create them. They look much better than wood lettering and the finished result is more visually appealing than when using stencils.

There’s no better way to transfer quote to wall. And it doesn’t have to be a quote that some other person thought of. You can create your own quotes, motivational sayings, and words of wisdom. Create a label for a grouping of family photos. Add a text border around a special picture. Add a family prayer to a baby’s room. Your home décor lettering options are limited only by your imagination.

And with the ability to not only create your message but style it as well, you’ll get custom wall lettering at a fraction of the price you’d pay for the services of a professional. Design your message using a number of different font styles including kid’s styles, formal styles, early American and old English styles, and many others. Select the color for your message, too. Choose from 40 different color options including a number of matte looks.

When you’re ready to remove the decorative lettering from your walls, gently pull on the corners with your fingernail or a pair of tweezers. They’ll come right off!

Transferable inscriptions and sayings are personal, unique and are the decorating trend for the twenty-first century!

Personalized lettering transfers are easier to use than stencils and better looking than wooden letters. Try it today! You can make up your own custom quote or you can choose from over 1100 standard quotes and phrases by clicking below:

The Colonial look is a look that has withstood time. It’s not uncommon to find Colonial decorating ideas in homes up and down the Atlantic coast and even over on the Pacific coast! For more Colonial/New England inspired decorating ideas for your home, research magazines, or better yet, visit places like Old Sturbridge Village or Colonial Williamsburg for your inspiration.